What’s Your Motivation?

People think I’m crazy when they find out I plan to run a marathon. They are correct. However, I believe anyone can run a marathon, or do anything for that matter, with the right motivation.

My motivation for running is my son. He asks me every morning, “Are you going to run today?” When I pick him up from school in my running clothes he tells his friends, “My mommy runs REALLY far!” How could I let him down?

Find what motivates you in your everyday life. Everything we do, we do it for a reason. Whether it be running a marathon, going to work or simply getting out of bed in the morning. That reason or motivation may be small or great but use it to your advantage.

What’s your motivation?

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For the Love of Running

Hello fellow runners and hopefully even some recruiters!

It has been far too long! This past winter in WI was quite frankly unbearable and to be honest un-runnable. I must admit that I took to “running” on the Wii rather than weather the elements.

While “racing” my four year old son on the Wii I started to contemplate my next big move in running. It seemed to me that a full marathon was in order. I searched for the “perfect” marathon for months and couldn’t commit (26.2 miles is a bit daunting!). Eventuallly the weather started to get nicer and my enthusiasm got greater. I finally made my decision to register for the Fox Cities Marathon moments after I saw the news for the Boston Marathon bombings. At that moment it seemed appropriate to make my commitment in honor of all the runners, spectators and everyone affected by that horrific incident.

So, here I go! I have new shoes and I am ready to go!

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How is it already the middle of September?! I am embarrassed that I didn’t post the results of my race. I not only finished the half marathon but I also ran a PR. Halfway through the race my Runkeeper quit voicing over and I didn’t have my friendly reminder to keep me on pace and to keep my intervals in check. After a sufficient amount of panic (Hello! Of course this happened at about 6.5 miles!) I decided to just go with the flow and run. That’s right. I ran for almost the rest of the way. That is until the last mile and a half when I wanted to shoot myself. I did a fair amount of walking then. See I have this problem with pace. I simply do not know how to do it. I run far too fast because I can’t stop myself from trying to catch the next person. Then the next person and the next and so on.

Regardless, I made it and the end of the race finished by going around the Kohler High School track. My son met me and ran with me on the inside of the track to the finish line. Just what I needed to get me through! My smiling little man and my husband cheering me on.

I have been running off and on since and wanted to sign up for another half but I have allowed my schedule to be an excuse. I think instead I will do some shorter races through the fall and gear up for another run next spring/summer.

My key take aways:

1. You really can do anything if you put your mind to it!

2. Running sucks. The feeling you get from running is awesome. Therefore, running is awesome!

3. There is nothing better then getting out my running shoes and hearing my three year old son say,  “Mommy, you going for a run?”. Makes me feel good that he sees me doing something good for myself. I can only hope he finds something that he enjoys just as much.

4. Running keeps me sane. When I am not running consistently I can tell and I think my husband would agree. 🙂

Here’s to running or doing whatever you like to make you happy. Maybe you even learn something about yourself along the way.


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This week went by fast. I attempted to run nine miles last Sunday but waited until 9AM to start. By the time I got to mile seven it was way too hot and I struggled to make it to 8.65 miles. Close but no cigar. I have been consumed with disappointment in myself all week.

Until today.

I am sure that by now you have heard about the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, CO very early this morning. For once, I have no words. So many emotions have been running through me lately including anger at the world, disappointment in myself, pity for myself, disappointment in the world, pity for the world and so much more.

That movie theater in Aurora is only miles from the home I lived in just eight months ago. So many of the people I care about are close to that theater. Thankfully, a friend that happens to love Batman and lives in Aurora did not attend that showing. So many lives will now never be the same because of an event that no one could have anticipated.

In addition, so much of the CO beauty that I spent so much time enjoying while I lived there has been ruined by fire. So many people have lost their homes and way of lives as a result of those fires. I can’t even imagine how devastating it would be to realize your home, belongings and memories are gone. Forever.

Very recently a high school friend died in a tragic accident. I wouldn’t claim to have been a close friend nor had I seen him in many years. It doesn’t change the feeling of sadness and instant mortality I feel for not only myself but his family and close friends. One event changes the whole course of a life. One event makes you realize just how precious time, family and friends are.

One event makes you forget that you didn’t run nine miles, reminds you that money isn’t everything, encourages you to live the day for what it is and quit beating yourself up with worry.

Suddenly the things that I struggle with seem like nothing. Suddenly I am not angry, full of pity or worry. Suddenly, that all seems so trivial.

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Breathing Technique

Luckily I don’t get side stiches often but I did get them yesterday. Here is an intersting article with some techniques to avoid those nasty little side stiches.


Keep running (and breathing)!

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Tools of the Trade

This has been a rough week for my running. Especially since I thought I did so well last Sunday on my long run. Each time I ran this week I felt awful in every way possible. This has done nothing for my confidence for my nine mile run this Sunday. I am quite nervous actually.

I could think of a million reasons as to why I had a bad week. However, I do know one thing for sure. I did not have water and it was hot. I have this stupid little water bottle that fits over my hand which quite frankly is more annoying then helpful. Not only that, it seems to hold about one tablespoon of water which I quickly gobble up within a mile unless I consciously pace myself. I desperately want a water belt and you would think this would be a simple purchase. Not in WI. Sorry my WI peeps but if I could complain about one thing, it would be lack of options. I went to Target for a water belt and they had one. ONE! Are you serious??

Therefore, I am putting out an APB for a water belt. Please let me know ASAP if you know where I can find a reasonably priced one around these parts……

This leads to my next observation for the week and I have to credit a fellow HR professional for this week’s words of wisdom. Just as I know that I should always have my trusty water bottle (or belt if I can find one!) with me, there are certain “tools” that should always be on hand whatever profession you are in to contribute to success. Earlier this week I received an email from said HR professional noted above requesting my “expertise”. She was requesting my assistance with Boolean search strings and as luck should have it, I just love those. The logic of Boolean just gets me going. I love to try and piece together the perfect combination to get me the results I need. However, I must admit that in the essence of time I do reference my AIRS recruiting manual to “cheat” from time to time. You could consider it my “water bottle” of recruiting. Just as I should always have water on hand while running since I know it will contribute to my success, I should always keep my AIRS manual handy as it lends the same value for me in my work.

As a side note, if you don’t know what Boolean search strings are they are the magical goodness that allows me the capability to find just about anything or anyone via the internet. No one is safe from my powers, especially if at the moment you happen to be in marketing, industrial design or engineering. J


P.S. Shout out to Peggy! Thanks for the fab blog idea!

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I am on the downward slope in my training. I ran eight miles on Sunday and I think it went really well! I had my husband drop me off eight miles from our home on the Old Plank Rd. Trail. That way I had no choice but to run the eight miles and had fresh scenery the whole way.

My intention for a long run is always to go slow and steady. Then my Runkeeper friend pops up over my music to tell me what my current pace is and inevitably I change my mind. On Sunday the first time she let me know my pace I was going eight minutes, 33 seconds per mile. All of a sudden I was no longer nervous that I had to run eight miles. Instead I decided that no matter what I was going to maintain that pace. Well that is just ridiculous. I know I can’t do that but somehow when I am in the moment I can’t help myself. Although I was not able to keep that exact pace, I was able to maintain around nine and a half minutes per mile until around mile five. While I was training for my last half marathon I found out that I am susceptible to IT Band syndrome. My running buddy and I were doing an 11 mile run and it got so bad I couldn’t even walk. She had to run back to the car by herself and pick me up. It was so frustrating! As a result I pay very close attention to my knee and I can tell when it is going to start giving me trouble. Much to my dismay on Sunday my IT Band forced me to slow down and therefore my pace per mile was ruined. Or so I thought.

Recruiting is not a quick process. I can’t even begin to list the times I posted a job and was asked a day later “where are my candidates?” You can’t rush recruiting and you can’t rush training for a half marathon. You have to keep your plan in mind and build on each step to be successful. Just like I want to run a pace per mile I know deep down I can’t maintain I would love to be able to fill a job instantly. I really do understand urgency. However, in both running and recruiting I am striving for something more than just mediocrity. I want quality and I want to be as successful as possible. Slow and steady wins the race.

Even though I had to slow down on Sunday I still finished eight miles in one hour and 23 minutes. Not too bad for a slow runner.

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