Training for the Big Finish

I am a recruiter. I have worked hard to earn that title. I am a runner. Arguably, I may have worked harder to earn that title.

I have had amazing opportunities in my life. I’ve had the opportunity to work as the first Recruiting Coordinator in the Denver office for a young consulting company at it’s beginnings. I’ve recruited people to work in Antarctica. Yup-that’s right. Antarctica. I even worked there for two months. That is an experience worthy of it’s own blog but I digress….I’ve recruited for a global kidney dialysis machine manufacturing company and most recently I have joined Kohler Company. My latest venture has brought me back to WI from Denver, CO. Denver: a place where it’s annoyingly sunny and almost impossible not to become athletic. That, my friends, is where my story begins.

It is annoyingly sunny in Denver. Therefore you must find ways to become active or you run the risk of feeling immensely guilty for taking a day to be “lazy”. I always dreamed of the day I could say to someone, “I love running. I can’t get enough of it. I could just run and run and run…”. You get the picture. I still can’t say that but I do think I have earned the right to say, “I am a runner.”

I ran my first half marathon when my son was 10 months old. I trained at least three times per week, got up with him at all hours of the night, went into work at ridiculously early hours so I could run and was still somehow able to recruit people to work in Antarctica. I am not looking for a medal or a cookie, just pointing out that there is a certain level of dedication to training for a half marathon while maintaining the other aspects of your life. I managed to finish the race and it turns out, I kind of liked it. I became addicted to the competiveness I have with myself, the sense of accomplishment, feeling good and the way running afforded me solitary time to think. Or not think. I admit, I also liked that I could brag that I ran a half marathon. People think that’s pretty cool.

Unfortunately I think my “bragging” rights are up. My son is three years old now. I am fairly settled in to my new home and job and I got to thinking it may be time to start training for another half. As I contemplated which race I wanted to do, I got to thinking about how training for a half marathon is similar to the principles of recruiting. Seriously!

Every good training regimen has a plan. Every good recruiting strategy has a plan. You may deviate from your training regimen just as you may deviate from your recruiting strategy but ultimately you have laid a foundation for success. I want to finish big at my half marathon and I want to finish big with every opening I set out to fill.

I did my first training run today. I even got up at 5:30 AM to do so! I may be super fantastic at many things but “mornings” is not one of them. Day one of my plan has been successful.

BTW, I chose the Full Moon Race Half Marathon for my inaugural WI race. Let the training begin!

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