It’s All About the Plan

Day two of training was not quite as “fun” as day one. It was windy, cold and I chose to run at the end of the day rather than the beginning. The snooze button won the war of waking up yesterday morning. I was also much slower than the other day (disclaimer: I am never really that fast).

I could have easily decided not to run at all and put it off but I didn’t. Know why? I have a plan. That plan says I run on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a minimum of 30 minutes. It also says I will increase my mileage on my Sunday runs.  One of the reasons I enjoy running is the aspect of competition it creates within yourself. That’s also one of the reasons I like recruiting. In both running and recruiting I challenge myself to do it better, faster and to get the best results each time I do it. I realize that in order to achieve the results I desire, I need to have a plan. I also realize that things happen and plans change. When things do change, as they inevitably will, at least you have a plan that you can refer to and get yourself right back on track.

Creating a plan is simple.  What do I need to accomplish (half marathon/fill a position) and what do I need to do to get my result? From there, break the goal into milestones (days I will be running/ stages of recruitment) that make sense, preferably by week. Set realistic expectations for yourself so you can celebrate when you reach a milestone. My plans hold me accountable and I share them with the people who are stakeholders in my success. For the ultimate in creating accountability, broadcast your plan on Facebook (or do something really crazy like starting a blog!). Everyone knows nothing really happens until it’s on Facebook and I most certainly do not want to admit defeat to all my “friends”!

My husband knows I need to run a minimum of three days a week. If I don’t accomplish that, I am embarrassed. I hate being embarrassed so I run just to prove to him that I can do it. In recruiting I typically communicate to hiring managers that I allow five days after posting a role to generate candidates. I then review the results and if reasonable, commit to presenting qualified candidates for their review after approximately ten days from posting. If I don’t accomplish that, I am embarrassed. I hate being embarrassed and therefore I will do whatever it takes to honor my commitment. In both training for a race and in recruiting it doesn’t always happen so perfectly. Although at times I really wish it would, life would be terribly boring without change. At least I know I always have a plan that will put me on the right path and hopefully that plan will lead to success. Many times it has. I’ve already run a half marathon and I’ve recruited a lot of good people so I must be doing something right.

Here’s to creating plans and sticking to them. Here’s to creating plans and changing them. Do whatever gets you to your goal successfully but always start with a plan.

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