Perfect setting for a peaceful run!

Last week I allowed myself to get distracted by an injury and as a result I failed miserably at my training. Yes, I did have sore knees which were likely due to my softball game but they felt ok by Wednesday. So why didn’t I get any runs in? It was too easy for me to get distracted by other things in my life which may or may not have been more important or exciting.

Distractions often times are something you don’t realize are there. I find that throughout my day at work I can easily get distracted by my email and therefore am not focusing on the things I should be doing to fill jobs. It’s just so hard to not want to know what is going on at all times and I believe there is an expectation that emails should receive almost instant reply. There are likely many emails that are important but there are also so many that aren’t. Wither way, the senders are probably counting on a a quick response. I recognize this distraction and have made several attempts at managing it. I have tried closing my email, turning off the little pop up icon telling you that there is new mail and I have tried just ignoring it. None of it seems to work! I continue to try to juggle my email and recruiting activities simultaneously, often times spending far too much time on email.

So my lesson this past week was that there are many distractions in life. Distractions are different than speed bumps or challenges because you don’t even realize that they are there. I realize I got off course and I can now look back and determine why and learn from it. Last week was my “get out of jail free card.” I finally ran again on Sunday and was able to do 3.55 miles without really noticing it had been a week since my last run. That run also helped to remind me why I love it so much. I was able to enjoy the beautiful WI countryside and enjoy my time alone without distractions. As my navigation system would say, I am “recalculating”. I got off course a bit but have since corrected and I am back on track!

In case your interested, tips on how to manage email. 🙂

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