A Taste of Humble Pie

My little future runner and I.

I was killing it yesterday on my run! I was averaging 7 minutes 44 seconds/mile. I have never, ever done that when I was running more than one mile much less on mile four! For a change of scenery I decided to run the Black River Trail at Kohler Andrae State Park and my boys came along to do some hiking. I felt awful before I started my run but something seemed to click once I got going. The world melted away as I focused on nothing really, just the bliss of knowing I was pushing myself. Somehow I was still averaging around eight and a half minutes per mile at just past mile five of my six mile run. Just as I was thinking to myself how awesome I was, I turned the corner and BAM! I twisted my left ankle.

After I yelled a few things out loud that I won’t share here, I realized exactly what had happened. I had let myself get arrogant. My ego had allowed me to forget that my surroundings were new and that I should probably have been paying attention to the trail. I’m a runner. I can do whatever I want because it is just so easy for me. Wrong! Every now and then a taste of humble pie can be good.

Since I have been a recruiter for awhile I find myself doing this same thing while at work. I tend to set myself on auto pilot and forget to pay attention to my surroundings. I forget to respect my “competition” and as a result I have missed opportunities. Just as my running scenery changes, so does my recruiting scenery. Recruiting is not the same as it was eight years ago. It is just as important in both running and recruiting to never let yourself get too comfortable or you could get hurt. Life is about learning and part of learning is observation. While confidence is always a good thing you should never allow yourself to become arrogant.

Therefore, you should always remember to check your ego at the door and tie your confidence on with your sneakers (or heels if you are going to work).

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