Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I am on the downward slope in my training. I ran eight miles on Sunday and I think it went really well! I had my husband drop me off eight miles from our home on the Old Plank Rd. Trail. That way I had no choice but to run the eight miles and had fresh scenery the whole way.

My intention for a long run is always to go slow and steady. Then my Runkeeper friend pops up over my music to tell me what my current pace is and inevitably I change my mind. On Sunday the first time she let me know my pace I was going eight minutes, 33 seconds per mile. All of a sudden I was no longer nervous that I had to run eight miles. Instead I decided that no matter what I was going to maintain that pace. Well that is just ridiculous. I know I can’t do that but somehow when I am in the moment I can’t help myself. Although I was not able to keep that exact pace, I was able to maintain around nine and a half minutes per mile until around mile five. While I was training for my last half marathon I found out that I am susceptible to IT Band syndrome. My running buddy and I were doing an 11 mile run and it got so bad I couldn’t even walk. She had to run back to the car by herself and pick me up. It was so frustrating! As a result I pay very close attention to my knee and I can tell when it is going to start giving me trouble. Much to my dismay on Sunday my IT Band forced me to slow down and therefore my pace per mile was ruined. Or so I thought.

Recruiting is not a quick process. I can’t even begin to list the times I posted a job and was asked a day later “where are my candidates?” You can’t rush recruiting and you can’t rush training for a half marathon. You have to keep your plan in mind and build on each step to be successful. Just like I want to run a pace per mile I know deep down I can’t maintain I would love to be able to fill a job instantly. I really do understand urgency. However, in both running and recruiting I am striving for something more than just mediocrity. I want quality and I want to be as successful as possible. Slow and steady wins the race.

Even though I had to slow down on Sunday I still finished eight miles in one hour and 23 minutes. Not too bad for a slow runner.

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