This week went by fast. I attempted to run nine miles last Sunday but waited until 9AM to start. By the time I got to mile seven it was way too hot and I struggled to make it to 8.65 miles. Close but no cigar. I have been consumed with disappointment in myself all week.

Until today.

I am sure that by now you have heard about the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, CO very early this morning. For once, I have no words. So many emotions have been running through me lately including anger at the world, disappointment in myself, pity for myself, disappointment in the world, pity for the world and so much more.

That movie theater in Aurora is only miles from the home I lived in just eight months ago. So many of the people I care about are close to that theater. Thankfully, a friend that happens to love Batman and lives in Aurora did not attend that showing. So many lives will now never be the same because of an event that no one could have anticipated.

In addition, so much of the CO beauty that I spent so much time enjoying while I lived there has been ruined by fire. So many people have lost their homes and way of lives as a result of those fires. I can’t even imagine how devastating it would be to realize your home, belongings and memories are gone. Forever.

Very recently a high school friend died in a tragic accident. I wouldn’t claim to have been a close friend nor had I seen him in many years. It doesn’t change the feeling of sadness and instant mortality I feel for not only myself but his family and close friends. One event changes the whole course of a life. One event makes you realize just how precious time, family and friends are.

One event makes you forget that you didn’t run nine miles, reminds you that money isn’t everything, encourages you to live the day for what it is and quit beating yourself up with worry.

Suddenly the things that I struggle with seem like nothing. Suddenly I am not angry, full of pity or worry. Suddenly, that all seems so trivial.

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