How is it already the middle of September?! I am embarrassed that I didn’t post the results of my race. I not only finished the half marathon but I also ran a PR. Halfway through the race my Runkeeper quit voicing over and I didn’t have my friendly reminder to keep me on pace and to keep my intervals in check. After a sufficient amount of panic (Hello! Of course this happened at about 6.5 miles!) I decided to just go with the flow and run. That’s right. I ran for almost the rest of the way. That is until the last mile and a half when I wanted to shoot myself. I did a fair amount of walking then. See I have this problem with pace. I simply do not know how to do it. I run far too fast because I can’t stop myself from trying to catch the next person. Then the next person and the next and so on.

Regardless, I made it and the end of the race finished by going around the Kohler High School track. My son met me and ran with me on the inside of the track to the finish line. Just what I needed to get me through! My smiling little man and my husband cheering me on.

I have been running off and on since and wanted to sign up for another half but I have allowed my schedule to be an excuse. I think instead I will do some shorter races through the fall and gear up for another run next spring/summer.

My key take aways:

1. You really can do anything if you put your mind to it!

2. Running sucks. The feeling you get from running is awesome. Therefore, running is awesome!

3. There is nothing better then getting out my running shoes and hearing my three year old son say,  “Mommy, you going for a run?”. Makes me feel good that he sees me doing something good for myself. I can only hope he finds something that he enjoys just as much.

4. Running keeps me sane. When I am not running consistently I can tell and I think my husband would agree. 🙂

Here’s to running or doing whatever you like to make you happy. Maybe you even learn something about yourself along the way.


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